Our browbands are made from high quality and durable materials; however there are some steps that are necessary to take to ensure that all browbands are long lasting.


Ribbon Browbands

Ribbon browbands may become a little grubby after time. To clean the ribbons, use a damp cloth or sponge with a little diluted soap. Gently dab the browband, do not scrub!

Rosettes are wired and sewn on to the browband and are secure for use, however do not allow horses to rub, or scratch their heads while wearing the browband as this may loosen or damage the rosettes.


Diamanté Browbands

Diamanté browbands should be cleaned regularly with saddle soap and leather balsam. Take care to avoid getting balsam or soap on the crystals or pearls as this may dull their shine with repeated soap covering.

Crystals or pearls may be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth if they become dirty. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals.



If you have any questions about using or caring for your browband please Contact Us